Six Categories of Sexual Harassment

Six Categories of Sexual Harassment:
  1. Targeted and presumptively unwelcome remarks or acts (grabbing someone's bottom)--courts get this
  2. Not targeted, but sexual in nature (picture of naked woman on boss's desk)
  3. Quid pro quo demands
    • Courts mostly get this
    • Some unsuccessful attempts are not suits per se (no harm), but may be a building block for a kind of collateral claim for hostile work environment
  4. Remarks or statements or acts that are targeted but are not unlawful unless person indicates they are unwelcome (asking someone out after being told not to do it)
    • Not a building block unless the victim declares it unwelcome
    • But sometimes asking again and again might qualify and one may not have to declare it unwelcome
  5. Statements that are mysoginistic (anti-woman, not sexual in nature specifically--perhaps dumb blonde jokes)
  6. Conduct or statements that are general neutral on their face, but are targeted at plaintiff
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