Forum Non Conveniens

Forum Non Conveniens and Piper Aircraft
  • Plane crash in Scotland but π from U.S.
  • Filed suit in CA due to "better" tort regime.
  • Δ first moves to transfer under §1404(a) to PA where factory located (evidence there; more friendly to Δ).
  • Once in PA, moves to dismiss for forum non conveniens.
  • Choice of law might be confusing and all witnesses and evidence in Scotland. American interest was not sufficient.
  • So court granted the motion and effectively sent the case to Scottish courts.
  • Forum non conviens:
    • Court may dismiss the case when an alternate forum has jurisdiction and would cause oppressiveness and vexation to Δ out of proportion to π's convenience.
    • Chosen forum is inappropriate because of considerations affecting courts (e.g., applying Scottish law).
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