Grounds of Inadmissibility

Grounds of Inadmissibility
  • Economic
  • Political/Security
  • Health
  • Criminal
  • Quasi-criminal
  • Miscellaneous

Unique to Inadmissibility (NOT FOR deportability)
  • health grounds
  • admission of acts constituting crimes
  • unqualified health workers
  • prostitution
  • unlawful presence bars
  • previous removal
  • polygamy
  • renunciation of U.S. citizenship to avoid taxes
  • accompanying an inadmissible person
  • international child abductors
  • communists or members of totalitarian party
  • student visa abusers
  • not in possession of valid entry documents
  • labor certification requirement
    • anyone coming to U.S. not under asylum, family unification, must establish that job they will take will not adversely impact U.S. workers or take a job from a U.S. worker. (This only looking for lawful permanent residency.)
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